Our vision

MAAA Civil Initiative presents alternative education applications by using its international volunteer network for the world children who have poor education conditions. MAAA’s understanding of social responsibility expresses a major organizing principle: „volunteering is an act of giving without expecting any returns”. Following this principle MAAA Civil Initiative do not expect monetary gains for the alternative educational programs they employ with children. The projects are planned around minimum budgets required for volunteers’ daily requirements (accommodation, bus and meal expenses). Similarly, minimum budgets are estimated for the technical reqirements of running Workshops and Field Studies. We truly believe that the most crucial budget item of social projects is sense of sharing. Following this perpective, the international volunteer network of MAAA Civil Initiative will serve in India & Nepal in the near future, then, with their next project, It will serve in other Asian Countries, Africa and South America for the children and youth whose conditions are below the general educational standards.

Our objective is to be able to present every children, alternative visions for their future, and to provide youth with potentials to engage actively in children’s education locally. MAAA Projects aim to present proper educational alternatives by using two ways: alternative Art Education Principles and a philosophy to openness to renovation.

MAAA Civil Initiative is not a political constitution. It is a synergy open to volunteers from all over the world. We gather around the principles of „Being human” and „bringing up individuals more respectful towards the Earth”.